I am Omar Al Khatib

I am a Computer Engineer & Founder of Exchangle.
I love coffee, I enjoy challenges, I love music like it is my life, and I hate politics. Google is my best friend, math is my soul, and programming is my passion.

Phone +357 95 559559

Email omar@exchangle.com

Address 5 Alkeou Str, Engomi, 2404 Nicosia, Cyprus

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Web Design

I can design and build your website to fulfil your business needs. All my websites are custom made templates and work on any internet device (Responsive Design, Mobile Friendly).

Web Applications

I create web applications that serve my clients more efficiently and streamline their business processes. Whatever your needs, I've got the experience to provide the web application you need.

Mobile Applications

I offer mobile application design and development for iOS and Android phones. Additionally, I can also submit your app to a relevant application store (Apple Store, Google Play).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I can optimize your site to be in the highest possible position in Google or any other search engine. Increase your website traffic without spending too much money. Rank higher, get more visitors!


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